About us

Alison Kmetko's jewelry displays a simple elegance and craftsmanship borne of a lifelong fascination and study of visual and decorative arts, combined with a love of beautiful objects, especially unusual gemstones and pearls.
Raised in Northern New Mexico, an area steeped in distinctive and brilliant indiginous art, Alison studied art history and studio art at U.C. Riverside, and received her MFA in printmaking at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI., She has made Southern California her permanent home, returning to Los Angeles to work as a fine artist, teaching at the Otis Art Institute, and completing a commission for the California Art Council's Maestro-Apprentice program.  
After working as an artist for a number of years, the sudden death of her father propelled her life in a different direction, into the high-paced environment of advertising and marketing. However, after many years as a successful entertainment marketing executive, Alison eventually felt drawn back to the arts and the process of creating things of beauty. Her love of jewelry provided the inspiration to study metalsmithing and jewelry making. In 2010 she met master goldsmith, Peter Solomon of Precious Metal Arts, and threw herself into learning the craft with an ardor and commitment that has always driven her towards success. Her artistic vision is realized in distinctive combinations of color and form, and even as she launches her first jewelry line, she continues to study to learn new skills and refine her craft.
Alison’s work brings together modern simplicity with strains of classical and other period elements, to create designs that are instilled with a certain timelessness. Her pieces are structured around visual themes, giving each one a signature that is unique and personal to her jewelry.
Alison believes that good design should be available to everyone and uses a broad palette of metals, natural gemstones and pearls to make her work accessible at many price points. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and made in her studio. You can find her work through her website and select shows in the Los Angeles area.